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    1. The study of the design and application of innovations to grow and support the veterinary industry

    2. The study and advancement of the user experience with veterinary services and animal health

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Vetology offers full-service innovations to partnering Veterinary Specialty Hospitals and Independent Specialists. As part of Vetology’s “digital veterinary care delivery” vision, a partner Specialty Hospital is given use of the Referral Management platform, innovation services and dedicated client services team. Early market trials of the Vetology Referral Management Platform have delivered up to a 40% increase in referred case volumes within the first sixty (60) days of operation.

The Referral Management platform is designed to:

  • Increase annual revenues
  • Improve the experience and satisfaction of RDVMs and pet owners
  • Improve care team collaboration
  • Grow specialty case volumes
  • Securely interoperate with practice management systems, labs, radiology and diagnostic systems


Vetology’s portfolio of innovations adds financial value by generating new referral opportunities and positioning our partner hospitals as the premiere veterinary referral center in the region.

  • Includes use of the Vetology innovations and team in their region
  • Requires no capital investment since the technology operates in a secure cloud infrastructure