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    Full Service end-to-end integration of innovations.

    Designed to facilitate improvements in pet care and increase overall revenues

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From discovery to innovation plan

Vetology begins each relationship with a Specialty Hospital by leading a ‘virtual’ discovery session where an innovation plan is created that focuses on the priorities of the Specialty Hospital, the market opportunities and the crafting of a detailed approach to executing the plan. 

Vetology’s client services team then begins the process of: 

  • Implementing the core Referral Management / Teleconsulting platform
  • Implementing the integration engine
  • Executing the ‘Go To Market’ plan focused on the RDVMs


Through our full-service model, the Vetology team continuously works with the Specialty Hospital leadership team to enhance and extend the innovations delivered to their market.

Vetology’s goal is to make our Specialty Hospital partners the “default” referral choice in their market. Vetology allows our Specialty Hospital partners to focus on their medicine while we focus on our areas of expertise: data, marketing and sales.


Summary of Vetology’s Current Innovations: 

  • Global Referral Management and Teleconsulting Platform (secured cloud-based service)
  • Integration engine for secure data interoperability (practice management systems, labs, diagnostic equipment, business intelligence, etc.). Note: this is the same technology platform used by the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins University and even Angry Birds
  • Brand management and business development professionals to promote the Specialty Hospital Referral Management and Innovation Offerings to RDVMs
  • Secure Virtual Consultation (Tele-Veterinary Medicine)
  • Enhanced RDVM relationship development and communication
  • Cutting-edge Continuing Education using immersive 2D/3D technology
  • Platform advertising
  • Real-time Diagnostics (real-time mobile ultrasound, endoscopy, etc.)